Julia Williams
Writer, editor and content creator.
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Brains: Journey to Resilience

An odd and wonderful video about the science of human resilience, created with Evans Hunt for the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative. The Webby Awards named this project one of the eight best Science and Education videos of 2018.

Brains: Journey to Resilience

In a world where human brains inch across snowy landscapes, where perils lurk in every shadow, one community will rally behind a struggling brain—and just might change the world in the process...

This video, created with the Evans Hunt team for the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, explains the scientific underpinnings of human resilience in a way anyone — from children to neuroscientists — can understand and enjoy. If you think that's ambitious, it's nothing compared to the larger goal of the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, which is to change the world (starting with Alberta) by teaching as many people as possible how brain development works, and how it shapes our lives.

I created the concept and script for the video in collaboration with creative director Geoff MacKenzie, illustrator/animator Mark Gervais, sound producer Dewi Wood, graphic designer Matthew Leadbeater, and project manager Rebecca Griffith. It's scientifically rigorous and deeply silly and it makes my kids think my job is cool. They're right.